Thursday, March 22, 2012

We Say Good-Bye to a Great Friend

Tomorrow, March 23rd, will be Angelina's last day with us. It will be a sad day, but a happy day at the same time. She is going to a new home and a new school. We will miss her dearly. Good-bye Angelina!

Monday, March 12, 2012

City Hall Tour

On Tuesday, March 6th, both third grades from Washington Elementary and the third grade from Libertyville Elementary got the opportunity to visit City Hall and hear the Mayor speak. We also got to hear from our City Administrator, Jeff Clawson, and our new Fire Chief, Scott Vaughn. They got to see one of the city's fire trucks and hear about some of the equipment the department uses. It was quite a treat for the kids. The kids learned about what it took for them to get involved in public decision making. They all got a turn sitting in the city council seats and got to take part in a motion. Below are two photographs of two of our classmates sitting in these seats. We had a beautiful day at City Hall. Thank you Mayor Malloy, City Administrator Clawson, and Fire Chief Vaughn!